Here to Keep the World Rockin!

Something Bigger Out There

Life is such a mystery at times…I often wonder what keeps me going…After so many trials and tribulations, why haven’t I just thrown in the towel and said, “Screw it!!”? You know, I’m still seeking the answer to that question. I talk to my mother and grandmother about the mysteries of life on a regular basis. They tell me I was put on this earth for a reason and I know that has to be true, but on days like today… I wonder what it is that keeps me going. Over the years, I’ve found myself to be the person people come to for the answers, for help, for advice…the funny thing is, I’m still seeking my own answers. Where do I go? Who do I call? Initially, I felt honored and happy that people came to me…my friends, my family, my kids… But now, I feel sad and alone. I cordon myself off in this dark place to keep from feeling used but I am beginning to realize I’m just making myself lonelier. I must be seeing things all wrong, right? To have the knowledge and ability to help those I love in their time of need is a gift, not a curse… It wasn’t intended to make me feel alone so why am I torturing myself with this feeling? Do you feel the same way? I should learn how to express my needs to those I love because certainly they wouldn’t take and take without giving if they understood how I feel, right? Hmmmm, life is such a mystery at times… Today’s lesson… Don’t hide your gifts because of how it makes you feel. There is bigger out there… And that, my friends, is what keeps me going. The knowledge that there is something bigger than me out there… Love ya’ll and keep rockin’


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