Here to Keep the World Rockin!

Reflection of Time

It’s a time of reflection… the past has become a blur and the future is a script that has yet to write itself… While it is true, my life has changed, no matter how great or small the change; I am the one constant in my life. All the hidden fears inside my mind have washed away the person I thought I was; however in all reality, I am still Nisha… I cannot change the depths of time or the hurt and pain I have endured, but I remain tall and continue to stand. I still fight my demons tooth and nail, with every sword and shield I have. With those tools, I remain alive and I will prevail in this endless battle called life because I no longer care about what others think of me, for I now know who I am, what I stand for and what I believe in. I believe in me. I have knocked down every soulless door and didn’t find what I was searching for but I’m picking myself off the floor because love doesn’t live here anymore…. I am strong and I will survive… I am Nisha Nandez… Keep Rockin’ my friends…


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